Tuesday 3 October 2023

Happy Hour and Discountedd Meals Melbourne

It's almost the day you're supposed to catch up with an old friend or a new one. You need somewhere to go that will aid you in striking up conversations as well as give you the opportunity to buy food and drinks without breaking the bank. You'll need a nice venue now that Melbourne is getting back on the horse again, albeit slowly. It's time to get back out there!

One of my favourite places is The Wharf Hotel in Melborne CBD opposite Jeff's Shed. You'll enter the venue via the waterfront, as it has no street entrance. While sitting outside under the sun or resting comfortably inside, you can look out over the Yarra River and the many people entering Crown Casino or walking past Polly Woodisde to DFO. As you turn your mind to the bar you'll notice that happy starts at 4pm and ends at 7pm Monday to Friday. So grab yourself a schooner, spirit or wine for $7, sit back and relax. 

What you can do:

A game will usually be on so you can cheer and enjoy the excitement. 

One of the friendly staff will be happy to chat and talk about what you can see and do nearby. 

No food discounts anymore, unfortunately. They used to be great with the Monday to Thursday cheap eats, but maybe that will return in Summer. Otherwise, download The Pass app and get $10 off your first purchase.

TGI Fridays is a good favourite in any part of Melbourne. Inside Melbourne Central you'll find that TGI Fridays is up two sets of escalators from Swanston Street. They run a happy hour from 4pm to 6pm. It includes $6 schooners, wines and spirits. They also do cheap cocktails which I love. If you stay on, they generally run a late night happy hour as well which is from 8pm to 10pm. Not bad if you want to chat your friend's ear off all night. Sit at the bar and talk to the bartenders if you like. They're happy to make you feel welcome when they're not run off their feet. You can also download their app and get some small discounted snacks. 

Melbourne Central Lion starts happy hour at 4pm and ends at 7pm, but only Monday to Thursday. You'll be able to buy pints for $9 and pay $7 for wine and spirits. If you like the idea of food specials Sunday to Thursday, then check them out upon arrival. They usually do great cheap pizza too.

Just a little north of the CBD is the Queensberry Hotel. If they aren't busy they'll sometimes close early, so get in before they do. Happy Hour is a standard 25% off from 5pm to 7pm except Mondays when it is $6 beer and $6 spirits. They also do great meal options at budget prices, such as a parma on Wednesday for $20.

I've always enjoyed happy hour at Father's Office, especially considering they love to double dip. Your first happy hour is 5pm to 7pm and your second is from 8pm to 10pm. It just may force you to stay all night! Oh no, what a pity :) It runs every day with selected cocktails at $12, pints from $8 and $9 spirits. They also do some cheap meals during some of their weekdays. The part I like is the balcony that looks out over Swanston Street. A lovely view I have enjoyed many times over. Oh, and they also have a venue in Flinders Lane as well as their original spot on Little Lonsdale.

One of the things I found hard to find in the city was good pizza. Domino's on the thin crust will sometimes do, but if you need good American pizza or chicken wings, try Sal's Pizza on Flinders Lane. It's a tiny place, but the food is great (greasy and tasty). Otherwise, the Universal Hotel a little north of the CBD is your best option for traditional pizza.

If you want to spend these great moments with other people, but you're yet to find some friends in the city, or all your friends are busy, then sign up to www.friendlyfamiliars.com and find someone who gets you. There's so much to do in town, so it's a great thing if are not doing it alone.

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